Pain In The Neck

I came to Dr. Weinthal a little over two months ago, seeking an alternative to undergoing an epidural steroid injection to treat pain, numbness, and tingling in my shoulder, neck, and arm, caused by arthritic bone spurs pushing on nerves.   I wanted not only relief from pain, but education on how I could do things to minimize my discomfort.  I got BOTH!

Dr. Weinthal not only used acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help me, but also he educated me about proper intake of vitamins and minerals and the use of various exercises.  I am happy to report that after only a couple weeks' treatment and application of exercise and better nutrition, I was able to stop taking ibuprofen and other painkillers completely.  Even better, I have been able to resume my normal activities of walking, swimming, playing with grandchildren, cooking, and cleaning, when at one point before treatment I could hardly cut my own food with a fork!  I am very grateful to Dr. Weinthal for his caring treatment!

Georgetown, Texas

Infant Food Allergies

Dr. Weinthal,

We are very thankful for you! Though we came to treat kip, you have also positively influenced our family's health and nutrition. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. At times you have been a confirmation and a motivator to explore healthier habits and options. Crossing paths with you has been an important milestone in our family's journey to exceptional everyday life and health.

Thanks! We'll see ya soon!



Austin, Texas

Long Term Pain

I suffered with chronic shoulder  pain for 10 years, a MRI diagnosed me with bursitis and a possible tear of the rotator cuff. Also recovering from a broken ankle and carpal tunnel in both hands, I was in great need of a miracle.  My son met Dr. Weinthal in his Health Science Technology class at school, where he came and spoke to the class about acupuncture and natural healing.   Two days before surgery, I decided to see Dr. Weinthal, who treated all the above areas and also prescribed herbs.   Today, I am pain free and able do the things I enjoy.

Thanks to Dr. Weinthal and his acupuncture treatments, I have a better quality of life.

Also for encouraging my son and his classmates to persue their dreams.

Georgetown, Texas

I was suffering with food allergies

I was suffering with food allergies including a gluten intolerance, anxiety and other sensitivities and had been told that I would have to abstain from eating certain foods for the rest of my life. Then I found out about a treatment called NAET. After seeing one practitioner who I was not completely satisfied with I found Dr. Weinthal. To me, Dr. Weinthal is unlike many doctors in that he took the time to first talk with me over the phone about my symptoms, answer my questions, explain how allergies work, etc. And then when I saw him what struck me was how compassionate and sensitive to my needs he was. Not only is he a Doctor of Oriental Medicine/acupuncturist but he listens like a guidance counselor would as well! He really wants to help you. I have done many treatments with Dr. Weinthal and over the period of treatments I could feel that my immune system was overall improving. I was less sensitive to smells, my hair was not falling out anymore, and most significantly I could eat gluten again! I continue to see Dr. Weinthal when I need a health booster and tell all my friends who have allergies about him!


Chronic Sinusitis, Allergies and Headaches

I’ve suffered from allergies, headaches, and chronic sinusitis for years; surgery, allergy shots, and prescription medication had not stopped the cycle of chronic infection.

When I came to see Dr. Weinthal I had an acute sinus infection, and had developed allergies to several antibiotics. I couldn't start my day without a large dose of ibuprofen, nasal spray, decongestant, saline rinses, and even then I was dragging and spending hours napping.

I was thrilled when I got noticeable relief from my congestion and pain with the first acupuncture treatment. Since seeing Dr. Weinthal for acupuncture and NAET, my sinus problems have diminished, I have had MUCH more energy, and I rarely reach for ibuprofen or anything else. My previous medical beliefs based on Western models have been turned topsy-turvy, but I’m delighted.

Deena Berg
Georgetown, TX

Chronic Pain

After experiencing chronic pain for several months, I made an appointment with Dr. Weinthal for acupuncture treatments. When I began treatment my pain level was so intense that I could no longer lead a normal life. Nothing, including prescription pain medications, had alleviated my pain. Dr. Weinthal's calming presence helped ease my nervousness about acupuncture. He took the time to explain the treatment process and thoroughly answered my questions. My pain began to lessen after my first treatment and after several weeks of acupuncture I was pain free. Acupuncture has allowed me to regain my life.

Georgetown, TX

Balance Restored

Dr. Weinthal definitely has an authentic gift for healing. Not only is he knowledgeable and skilled in Eastern medicine, but he is deeply intuitive and empathetic regarding the needs of his clients.
When I came to to Dr. Weinthal I was in crisis, not only physically, but on each level of my Being. I was hormonally imbalanced, exhausted, and suffering from frequent migraine headaches and nausea. My emotional self was vulnerable and tentative; mentally I was often unclear and scattered; and, my spiritual self was malnourished.

As a result of Dr. Weinthal's comprehensive attention to the needs of my Whole Being I feel like my potential has been awakened. My energy level and zest for life are steadily increasing. Hormonally I am becoming regulated and balanced. Additionally, my symptoms of headache and nausea are becoming less frequent and intense. I feel more grounded and stable emotionally. And, mentally, I am clearer and more focused. Spiritually I feel more nourished and open to receive. Overall, through his unique healing approach, Dr. Weinthal has facilitated the activation of my own natural healing resources. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for Dr. Weinthal and his authentic, heart-centered, healing work.

Taylor, TX

Long Term Migraines and Panic Attacks

I had tension headaches and migraines every day for the past 17 years. I saw Dr. Weinthal and had only 2 slight headaches between treatments. Dr. Weinthal also prescribed herbs for me that I take everyday. I go weeks if not longer without headaches. If I stop taking the herbs or miss my treatments, the pain comes back and I can't work some days.

I have also had panic attacks for the past year. I used to wake up with heart palpitations and vomiting. Dr. Weinthal also prescibed another herb for me that has made a world of difference. He has also worked with me on spiritual healing that has helped bring balance to my work and personal life.

Michele Pekrol
Georgetown, TX

Authentic. Heart-Centered. Healing Work.

Dr. Weinthal definitely has an authentic gift for healing. Not only is he knowledgeable and skilled in Eastern medicine, but he is deeply intuitive and empathetic regarding the needs of his clients.

Taylor, TX

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